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Australian Christmas Cards

Specialists in Christmas Card Printing

Australian Christmas Cards is different from many other Christmas card printers. Christmas card printing is our core business and if we are not good at what we do, then we would go out of business. This is why we spend many hours sourcing up to 100 new Christmas card designs but we only choose the very best designs. Usually, we do about 20 new Christmas card designs every year.

Other Christmas card printers will come up with designs which quite frankly make me cringe. This is because most Christmas card printing companies do general printing as their main source of income and quickly throw in a few Christmas card designs for good measure.

We cannot afford to do this. We understand your corporate reputation is at stake when you send your clients their Christmas cards. You want the best Christmas card designs and you also want a fair price, particularly if you send large quantities of Christmas cards. We do also offer a custom Christmas card printing service but most of our customers prefer the designs on our website.

Christmas Cards Since 1988

You have the comfort of knowing that we have been selling corporate Christmas cards since 1988. Our warehouse, office and digital printing machines are located in one place in Prospect in western Sydney.

When you buy from Australian Christmas Cards, you can choose from four types of Christmas cards. Our competitors usually do just one or two of these options. We do all four because we want you have a big choice when you order from Australian Christmas Cards. All Christmas cards can be personalised with one of our own recommended inside messages, your own message, your company name, your logo and signatures as well as photos and other images.

Corporate Christmas Cards

This is our most popular range of Christmas cards as it features all of our best designs. We also have many early bird specials so we urge you to take advantage of these. Just visit our Home Page for this month‚s special. You will also have the biggest choice when you order early. Our most popular corporate Christmas cards will sometimes run out in November or December.

Custom Christmas Cards

Each year, more and more companies as well as individuals like to provide their own image for the front of their Christmas card. It might be a photo of key staff, a photo of your company products or even a family photo. Our digital printing technology allows us to prepare custom Christmas cards in runs as low as 10 cards or as many as 10,000 or more custom Christmas cards. The more you order, the lower the unit price. Order early to qualify for early bird specials.

Charity Christmas Cards

We can donate 50 cents per Christmas card ordered to your favourite registered charity. We are the first company to offer such a high donation. If you order 1,000 Charity Christmas cards, we will donate $500 to your favourite registered charity. Many other charity Christmas card companies will do much lower donations but what is even more important, their Christmas card designs are inferior to ours and often their prices are higher. Other charity Christmas card companies simply say proceeds are being donated to the charity. You can be certain these donations are small.
When you order from Australian Christmas Cards, the charity donation is high and it is transparent. However, you do not qualify for other bonuses when you order Charity Christmas Cards. You can order any of our corporate Christmas cards or even order custom Christmas cards as your charity Christmas card.

Discount Christmas Cards

We also have a range of discount Christmas cards. Most discount Christmas cards are in our 33% off range but we have included a few in our 50% off range. These cards are simply designs from last year or earlier and they are priced to sell quickly. The quality is guaranteed and our discount Christmas cards also come with a price guarantee. If you find better personalised Christmas cards at a lower price, we will beat that total price by $1.
Our discount Christmas cards are very popular with real estate agents since they order such large quantities of Christmas cards and as such like to get as low a price as possible. You do not qualify for other bonuses when you order discount Christmas cards.

All Christmas Cards

All Christmas cards are 185mm x 110mm and come with free self-sealing envelopes. You can choose white, red, green or silver envelopes. Also, free card only envelopes are available on request.

A Family Business

Australian Christmas Cards is the main trading name of Renton Management Services Pty Ltd ABN 17 001 307 900. It is very much a family business. The owner is Ian Renton. He is supported by his wife, Leila Renton, and sister, Robyn Renton and a dedicated team.

Australian Christmas Cards is more than just an online business. You are welcome to call us on 1-800 226 202 (Australia) or 0800 128 727 (New Zealand) or 612 9631 3366 (International).

You can place your order over the phone, ask us technical questions about personalised Christmas cards or request our Christmas Catalogue. Linda, Robyn, Matt, Susie, Leila, Alex and Ian shown below will be available to take your calls.